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Do You Still Worry About Money Even Though

You're Making More Than Ever Before?

Hannah Chapman

Creator of the Expansive CEO Method

Managed over $80 Million in financial assets and written 2,000+ financial plans

You’re a visionary entrepreneur with a powerful mission and your business is making more money than ever before... but do you still feel like your

financial success and stability isn't what you hoped it would be by now?

You thought once your business was making this much your problems would be solved... once you had the employees, the CPA, the bookkeeper... you would feel clear and confident with your money, but yet you still feel your stomach drop when unpaid invoices are taking longer than usual to get paid.

You still feel that moment of panic when a big client has an issue, or worse yet,

leaves. You’re stuck in the "feast or famine" cycle when an unexpected crisis hits.

So you do things that aren't in your zone of genius or joy (like A LOT of things)... which drain your energy big time.

But you keep grinding. You keep doing so many things that zap your energy because you’re afraid to let go and delegate even though you know you need to in order to actually be acting like the CEO that you are. You know deep down it’s holding you back from expanding. 

You want ease. You want flow. You want alignment. You want to grow and expand your business, and you want to feel good while doing it. 

But HOW are you supposed to do that??? If it were SO EASY, why isn’t every business owner doing it already?

Continue reading and let's walk this journey together...

The 3 Myths of Money Management

Mo Money Mo Problems (Not True)

I believe our financial results match how we feel inside (thoughts, beliefs, feelings). I'll show you how to feel and BE prosperous inside, so that your life and business follow suit with results of peaceful prosperity.

It's Too Complicated

(Not True)

It's very common to feel overwhelmed with managing your money... but it doesn't have to be that way. Together we'll simplify the process so you have practical tools to manage your finances with ease.

I Can't Trust Other People With My Money (Not True)

It's natural to feel apprehensive about entrusting others with your hard-earned money. I'll help you navigate through the fear and teach you how to find trustworthy professionals to support you.

Use the Expansive CEO Method

Increase your income and your impact with aligned actions that are filled with joy and ease

  • 1. Discovery: understanding what you truly want in life and in your business so you can make the impact your heart is calling you to make

  • 2. Alignment: seeing your clear roadmap so you can walk the most direct path for your dream so you can have your time, money and energy all working together

  • 3. Expansion: learning how to hold all of the new expansion in the way that feels balanced with your time, money and energy

Turn a Crisis into a Launching Pad

  • 1. Rise: Your money is growing

  • 2. Crisis: Your money takes a hit

  • 3. Launch: You use the Expansive CEO Method to make decisions from a place of prosperity, rather than a place of scarcity so you are able to launch to new heights

Hannah Chapman


Creator of the Expansive CEO Method

17 years of financial planning experience (CFP® APMA® CRPC®)

○ Managed over $80 Million in financial assets and written 2,000+ financial plans

○ On a mission to help 1 Billion people feel at peace with their finances

Expansive CEO Results

“I found so much value in the process that Hannah coached us through, the experience unlocked so much clarity.

There is a real simplicity to Hannah’s methodology,

which has greatly helped me.

If you’re navigating through growth in your business...

you need Hannah’s Expansive CEO Workshop in your life!”

Josh Greenbaum

“I believe true prosperity is when

You align your wealth with your heart.”

– Hannah Chapman

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