Certified Financial Planning Services are Conducted Through X² Wealth Planning

Why are Financial Planning Services Conducted

Through X2WealthPlanning.com?

Because certified financial planning is required by law to be a separate business than wealth mindset coaching. Certified Financial Planning is my most expensive and most intimate service that I offer and it is purely run through my X² Wealth Planning LLC.

What Does It Cost?

There is an initial investment for financial planning, and a monthly retainer thereafter. The retainer is for ongoing Entrepreneurial Wealth Coaching, collaboration with other professionals, and regular meetings to review your business income, investment portfolio, and progress towards your goals.

The minimum initial cost is $15,000 with $14,500 considered a business consulting expense (deductible by the business) and $500 being a personal financial planning expense (not deductible by the business). The minimum monthly retainer thereafter is $1,500 per month. Always consult with your tax advisor about specifics of deductibility.

Investment Management

You'll pay a percentage of assets managed each month for investment management, varying depending on the types of investments and how they are managed. No matter what we choose, my team and I will provide consistent, ongoing investment monitoring tailored to your specific goals and needs.

There is not a specific asset minimum to work with me like there is at other firms, rather it's a consideration of your business and personal cash flow and ability to build wealth going forward.

Investment management fees are a combination between fees for day to day trading and portfolio building, and a sliding fee for strategy and implementation. As your accounts grow, the fee percentages lower. Only investments held in management by X² Wealth Planning are assessed an investment management fee.

Being a Fiduciary Means No Conflicts of Interest

As a Certified Financial Planner Professional (CFP®) I am a fiduciary in every aspect of our relationship. I will always and only do what's in your best interest.

Hannah Chapman


Creator of the Expansive CEO Method

17 years of financial planning experience (CFP® APMA® CRPC®)

○ Managed over $80 Million in financial assets and written 2,000+ financial plans

○ On a mission to help 1 Billion people feel at peace with their finances

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