An Invite-Only Mastermind for Graduates of the Expansive CEO Program

Scale with Supportive

Allies By Your Side

Don't walk alone... join a powerful group of Expansive CEOs who are on a mission

to create more wealth and impact while having more fun together along the way

Do You Feel Alone as a CEO

Carrying So Much on Your Shoulders?


Feeling like there aren't enough hours in the day because you have more work on your plate than you can handle


Feeling drained and thinking about how much of your workload you don't actually want to do


Not feeling balanced with the money you are receiving, it doesn't feel enough to match all that you pour into your clients

Running a business is hard enough. But when your business is rapidly scaling, the pressure can be extremely intense. You can feel stuck and frustrated with the weight of the world on your shoulders.

Join Together with Expansive CEOs Who Understand You

Go from walking alone and always needing to figure out everything yourself

to walking with a powerful pack of heart centered Expansive CEOs

who are collaborating together for greater gains and greater impact

Walking Alone

  • Stress: feeling fearful about your cash flow not being enough for your business or yourself

  • Confusion: feeling “information overload” on how to see the right path that fits you

  • Resentment: feeling like you should be making more and it shouldn’t be taking this long

Walking with Expansive CEOs

  • Clarity: seeing your simple path to create more, keep more and enjoy more

  • Confidence: feeling strong and at peace as you grow your wealth and impact to higher levels

  • Stability: feeling solid because you are prepared for the unexpected and ready for new opportunities

You Don't Have to Do This Alone

We've created a heart centered space for rapidly scaling entrepreneurs like you to come together and support each other.

Using the Expansive CEO Method together with peers who understand what you are going through so you can create new levels of financial stability, ease and joy in your life.

Using the Expansive CEO Method

With Other Expansive CEOs

Being in a collaborative mastermind helps you stay in the "prosperity bubble"

while solving problems and rising to new heights

  • 1. Discovery: as you expand to new levels, collaborate with fellow Expansive CEOs to discover what you truly want in your life and business for the next chapters you are walking into

  • 2. Alignment: have allies who have your back and make sure to help you stay on the most efficient path to your dreams so your time, money and energy are all working together

  • 3. Expansion: mastermind with Expansive CEOs who've been where you want to go and have the experience, resources, tools and connections to help you more gracefully grow into higher levels of prosperity and impact - without burning out!

Keeping Your Time, Money and Energy

in Harmony as You Scale

  • Mindset Mastery: Collaborating with fellow Expansive CEOs to hone your mindset to create greater prosperity with ease

  • Strategy Acceleration: Learning first-hand what's working the best to scale companies with a sense of ease and inner peace

  • Aligned Networking: Access a powerful resource pool and receive feedback to scale more smoothly

Hannah Chapman


Creator of the Expansive CEO Method

17 years of financial planning experience (CFP® APMA® CRPC®)

○ Managed over $80 Million in financial assets and written 2,000+ financial plans

○ On a mission to help 1 Billion people feel at peace with their finances

The Expansive CEO Mastermind

A powerful group of Expansive CEOs who are on a mission to

create more wealth and impact while having more fun together along the way

Monthly Schedule

  • Week 1: Discovery - Each month, we'll start by diving deep into what truly drives you and your business so you can continually refine your clarity as you scale your business. As we walk this journey together you will uncover deeper levels of your heart's calling, and continue to align your time, money, and energy as you scale your business to new heights.

  • Week 2: Alignment - This week, we'll focus on your steps to walk the most direct path to your vision of greater wealth and impact. We'll talk through any challenges that can come up with your team, your workload, your clients and your scaling strategy.

Monthly Schedule

  • Week 3: Integration (No Session) - This week is all about integrating the work you've done in the previous weeks. Take this time to reflect on your progress from the previous month, review your goals and plans, and prepare for the next phase of your journey.

  • Week 4: Expansion - In the final week of each month, we'll help you learn how to hold all the new expansion you've experienced in the previous weeks in a balanced way with your time, money, and energy. This will help you step into your power as a Visionary Entrepreneur and create the impact you're born to make.

Receive a Wealth Mindset Alignment in

Each Session to Keep You in

Your Zone of Genius for the Week

  • Head: aligning your specific strategy for your business to flow with greater prosperity

  • Heart: keeping your direction aligned with your mission and vision

  • Hands: aligning the specific action steps to scale your business with more joy and ease

Expansive CEO Mastermind Endorsement


“There is a real simplicity to Hannah’s methodology... if you’re navigating through growth in your business... you need Hannah’s Expansive CEO Method in your life!”

- Josh | Mastermind Member

Double Your Income Roadmap

Graduates of Hannah's coaching routinely double their income (and more!) so go ahead and take your annual income number...

Now double it...

Now see your new annual income number...

What could you do with that extra money?

  • What could you provide for your spouse...

  • What could you provide for your kids...

  • What could you provide for your employees

  • What could you provide for your friends

  • What could you provide for your community

  • What could you provide for your favorite charities

  • What could you provide for your extended family

  • What could you provide for yourself

Your Future as an Expansive CEO Awaits You

Expansive CEO Mastermind

A powerful group of Expansive CEOs who are on a mission to

create more wealth and impact while having more fun together along the way

$1,111 / month or $5,555 / 6 months

Rolling 6 Month Membership

  • 3 Mastermind Sessions / mo: 18 total over 6 months

  • Private Online Group: for collaboration and networking

  • Ongoing Wealth Coaching: so you can follow your Expansion Plan

  • Strategy, Mindset and Emotional Support: so you can scale your business with more ease and joy

The Next Steps

Step 1

Alignment Conversation

Fill out the form so we can learn more about where you are at and the dreams you have for your life and business - then you will have a zoom call with Hannah Chapman to explore if it is a mutual fit

Step 2

Join the Mastermind

We welcome you in with open arms and you get to know the rest of the Expansive CEOs, plus access bonus materials to get you launched smoothly and quickly

Step 3

Increase Your Income and Impact

Collaborate, strategize, receive feedback with Expansive CEOs who have your back so you can overcome challenges quicker, increase the money you pay yourself and make a greater impact with your time, money and energy

7 Day “Experience the Bubble” Guarantee

Your investment is protected with our 7 day guarantee where you can join in and attend a mastermind session so you can "Experience the Bubble"... if after your first Zoom mastermind session you don't feel this is the right fit than let Hannah know and you will receive a 100% refund, be closed out of any mastermind materials so there is a clean parting as friends. We value our alignment and having the right fit over all else!

Let's Make Sure Our Values Align


Are we aligning our prosperity with our hearts through our actions?


Are we having the impact on our community that we desire?


Are we treating everyone we meet with respect, honoring the divinity in each of us?


Are we giving generously of our time and resources from a place of abundance within ourselves?


Are we intentionally creating joyful experiences in our work and lives?

Our Charity Partner

5% of top-line revenue goes to “Women Helping Women of Southwest Ohio” ​Our current partner charity is Women Helping Women of Southwest Ohio. WHW of SWO helps survivors find hope, healing, and empowerment through confidential support services.

They inspire the community to speak out against gender-based violence, and speak up for equal and healthy relationships. They educate and advocate so that generations after us can grow into change agents to prevent gender-based violence before it ever starts.

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