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How to Use the Expansive CEO Method to Overcome Burnout So You Can

Receive More Money, Deliver More Value and Make More Impact in the World

Do You feel on the edge of burnout?


Feeling like there aren't enough hours in the day because you have more work on your plate than you can handle


Feeling drained and thinking about how much of your workload you don't actually want to do


Not feeling balanced with the money you are receiving, it doesn't feel enough to match all that you pour into your clients

You already have a really good idea of who your ideal client is (maybe not perfect, but really good), and you're working with them…

but the WAYS in which you're working with them don't feel good.

(Hint: In my experience it's usually centered around over giving and undercharging 🙂)

The little resentments start to build up, and you're like "but I like these clients, I don't know what's wrong!"

And it's because you're working your ass off for like $500 when you really need that client to be paying $2,500

The Expansive CEO Method

How working with your ideal clients in the ways that light you up the most…

Actually leads you to receive more money, deliver more value and make more impact in the world

  • Who: Your Ideal Client

  • What: Your Ideal Service

  • Time: How You Deliver

  • Money: What You Charge


"It's been exactly what I didn't know I needed, nor that I knew I would be getting. It has been empowering both financially and personally."

- Katie


"I feel like you genuinely care to understand us and our goals so we can plan a path forward together."

- Ryan

Hannah Chapman


Creator of the Expansive CEO Method

17 years of financial planning experience (CFP® APMA® CRPC®)

○ Managed over $80 Million in financial assets and written 2,000+ financial plans

○ On a mission to help 1 Billion people feel at peace with their finances

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